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It is your right NOT to give a statement. Most people convict themselves by giving a statement to the police. Always call us first for advice before taking any action.

What you need to know

  • Most traffic tickets have demerit points
  • If a ticket goes on your driving record regardless of demerit points, the ticket can be seen by your insurance company
  • Traffic tickets are classified as minor and major by insurance companies
  • Traffic tickets stay on your record for 3 years
  • Every ticket has a fine
  • Tickets for G1 and G2 driver’s have a mandatory 30 day license suspension
  • Professional drivers cannot have more than 6 demerit points on their driving record
  • Its your right to fight a ticket even if you think you committed the offence and are guilty
  • You should fight every ticket to keep your record clear

If you receive a ticket, you must do one of the following within 15 days of the offence date:

Fight the Traffic Ticket

This is generally always the best course of action. Call us for advice if you are unsure of what to do.

Fighting the ticket can keep your driving record clear and insurance rates low. The prosecutor has to prove the case against you before you have to defend yourself. If the prosecutor cannot prove the case against you the traffic ticket can be dismissed. Your chance of winning the case if you hire us goes up dramatically.

Plead Guilty with an Explanation

This is another option and is NOT advisable. If you plead guilty with an explanation you go to the court and meet with the judge. After the judge listens to your explanation all the judge is allowed to do is lower your fine. The judge cannot withdraw, dismiss or cancel your ticket. This means any demerit points will remain on your record and the conviction will affect your record for 3 years.

Meet the Prosecutor to discuss your Ticket

This is also and option and is NOT advisable. If you meet the prosecutor your lose all chance of winning your case. The prosecutor may reduce your fine, but as with the judge, the ticket still goes on your record, affects your insurance and the demerit points apply for 3 years.

Always Fight the Ticket

There may be many issues that can cancel your ticket thereby preventing from affecting your record and insurance.

If you have any questions or need advice call Walia Traffic Legal Services.